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26 November 2013

Timothy Ashby: Time Fall

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From time to time (forgive the pun) I read and enjoy the occasional time-travel book. Last occasion was '11.23.63' by Stephen King where someone was able to go through a time portal to the days before Kennedy's assassination. This imaginative story is very different when a squad of US commandos on a mission to create havoc in a remote area behind Nazi lines parachute through an intense storm and land at the right place but don't know that the storm has sent them to 2011 not 1944.

Lieutenant Arthur Sutton, Sergeant Hugo Roth (a German/American Jew) and 4 other soldiers set off in 1944 to sabotage a Panzer Maintenance Depot, a Luftwaffe landing field, and an SS training camp. Despite some observing some strange things (no blackout, unusual military vehicles and different aeroplanes) they don't realise the time change and go ahead to achieve their objectives. At the training camp they inadvertently kill a group of potential terrorists in German uniforms and get chased by a key counter-terrorism outfit led by a right-wing former Hitler Youth member who wants to restore Nazi values.

Their next objective is to kill a wounded Luftwaffe hero convalescing at his home nearby. They do not believe the claim of the old man living in the house with his granddaughter that he is the hero. Sutton has been wounded and he is left behind when Roth orders the rest of the squad go off to wage WWII again.

This book was great fun as long as you go along with the fantasy. I thoroughly enjoyed the imaginative mix of past and future. The Epilogue gives a special twist to the ending.

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