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11 October 2013

Sandra Brown: Low Pressure

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Suspenseful and entertaining
Eighteen years ago Bellamy Lyston Price was only 12 years old when she was involved in a family trauma from which she had never fully recovered. The day started with a Memorial Day party staged by her parents at a local park and ended in tragedy when a Tornado struck the park and her elder sister Susan was found dead under a fallen tree. The real tragedy was that Susan had been killed before the storm struck.

Denton Carter, Susan's boyfriend at the time of her death, had quarrelled with her that day. Despite being the most probable suspect he is cleared by the police. Another boy at the party who had been chasing Susan was charged and convicted. Bellamy suspects that the wrong person may have been found guilty of the murder.

Eighteen years on Bellamy writes a "fictional" novel based on the murder in an attempt to reopen the case and find the murderer. As her book becomes popular strange things happen and she realises that she has opened up things from the past that some people don't want exposed. Surprisingly Dent gets drawn into the action and helps Bellamy to uncover the truth.

This book shows why Sandra Brown is such a successful suspense novelist.  The plot has many twists and turns and distractions and includes some enjoyable romantic tension between the Bellamy and Dent. The only things that become clear before the ending is who didn't murder Susan.

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