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01 October 2013

J A Jance: Ring In the Dead: A J. P. Beaumont Novella

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Early days for J. P. Beaumont
This is an easy reading novella that gives an interesting look back at Beau's early days as a Detective in the Seattle PD. It is a very good introduction to Second Watch (#20 in the series) released recently where an ageing Beau recovering from knee replacement surgery reflects on an early case that he has never solved.

"Pickles" Gurkey was unhappy when his partner was promoted and he had to train a new one, Jonas P Beaumont (or JP or Beau to his friends). They weren't very close until Pickles had a heart attack while confronting an offender who had left a restaurant without paying. Pickles collapses and the offender shoots the waitress who has also followed him using Pickle's gun. Internal affairs is convinced that Pickles shot the waitress and charged him with manslaughter when he recovered. This novella tells how Beau takes up the case unofficially on his own to clear his partner.

This is a well crafted short story that fills in some early background on how Beau becomes such a great detective.

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