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25 September 2013

Nicholas Sparks: The Longest Ride

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A long ride for two different couples
In "The Longest Ride" Nicholas Sparks weaves intermingled stories of two completely different couples which you know from the start must intersect at the end.

Ira Levinson is over 90 but still driving when he crashes off the road in snow and ice. Badly injured and waiting for rescue he reflects on his life with his beloved wife Ruth who died a few years earlier. In delirium Ruth returns to encourage him and talks about their life together. Every year on a particular anniversary Ira writes a letter to Ruth about their life and love together. Even after her death he keeps writing the letters, the latest one being in the car with him. The story of Ira and Ruth parallels in some ways the story of Noah and Allie in "The Notebook".

Sophia Danko is a college student specialising in art history who is recovering from the breakdown of a relationship with Brian who has cheated her twice but still wants her back. She goes to a Cowboy style dance in a barn only to find Brian is still stalking her. She is rescued by Luke Collins, a competition bull rider who works on his mother's small ranch. On the face of it Luke and Sophia have little in common but slowly but surely a very special romance develops. The chances of their romance surviving after Sophia graduates look slim.

Nicholas Sparks is a consummate author of intelligent stories of personal relationships and romance. While I enjoyed this book at times the rides got a little too long. Warning: Sparks books are usually tearjerkers and this one is no exception.

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