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22 September 2013

Melissa F Miller: Improper Influence

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Another easy-reading Sasha McCandless legal thriller
Sasha McCandless and Leo Connelly are facing their hardest challenge at the weekend - planning their wedding to satisfy Sasha's demanding mother. Their plans are thwarted on Friday afternoon when a huge amount of discovery paper for contract case due to be heard on Monday about the supply of herbal ingredients for a popular health kick drink is delivered by her old employer who represents the other party. The weekend becomes a paper trail not a wedding trail.

On the same day Bodhi King, the forensic pathologist who carried out the autopsies three young women who died recently in Pittsburgh from Myocarditis, a rare inflammation of the heart muscle, finds that the computer files of the autopsies have been deleted from both his office network and from his laptop and his notebook containing jottings on these cases has disappeared. He is told by his boss not to worry and not to investigate if there is a connection between these deaths. He goes to Leo for advice because he is the only person he knows with the kind of background that might help him. The next day Leo finds that Bodhi is to be dismissed for improper conduct.

Leo calls Sasha "A trouble magnet". Bodhi's troubles becomes Sasha's troubles as the two issues converge when it becomes clear the ingredients of the health drink may have caused the deaths. Along the way Sasha and Leo uncover a lot of  dirty business and political deals, even involving murder.

Melissa Miller has crafted another complex and at times pretty unbelievable plot with her favourite characters mixing law with trouble. I have read all of Melissa Miller's legal thrillers featuring Sasha McCandless and have enjoyed them despite some unbelievable plots.

Read the book to find out more about the fate of the wedding plans.

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