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20 August 2013

Nicholas Sparks: The Wedding

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What can you do when romance has gone from your marriage?
"The Wedding" is a sequel to "The Notebook" (which hopefully you can read first) where Nicholas Sparks introduced us to Noah and Allie and showed us his understanding about love and relationships and how they can endure across the years. The main characters of this book are their daughter Jane and husband of thirty years, Wilson who are forced to face the painful truth that the romance has gone out of their marriage, especially now their three children have left home.

What do you do if you have been married for many years and forget your wedding anniversary? When this happened to Wilson he took it as a wake-up call to try and mend a marriage that he had somehow taken for granted, especially working long hours and leaving most of the parenting to Jane. The things that Wilson does to try and mend their marriage are touching, compassionate and utterly surprising.

Noah is still alive and living in a care home after Allie died with Alzheimer's. He still believes that Allie is around him in the form of a solitary swan who has lost its mate (as he points out swans only have one partner in life). Wilson is very close to his father-in-law and confides his problems with him for emotional support.

The catalyst for Wilson's fightback is the upcoming short-notice wedding of Anna, their eldest daughter. Jane is fully absorbed in the frantic wedding preparations and is surprised that Wilson, taking his first long break from work for years, is so positive and helpful with the Wedding.

Once again Nicholas Sparks shows us his skills in writing a very emotional and touching book. While IMHO "The Notebook" was slightly better the difference is very small. If you are a fan of Nicholas Sparks and his kind of books about love and relationships you will really enjoy this book.

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