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13 August 2013

Mark Black: Hitler: A Very Brief History

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How was this allowed to happen?
It is now around 90 years since the emergence of Adolph Hitler onto the German and later the World political stage. Reading a brief account of how Hitler came to power, his takeover of the German political system and then his attempts to take over most of Europe and Russia makes me wonder how this was allowed to happen. It still amazes me that Hitler, with a lot of brutal skulduggery, could become dictator of Germany, with the apparent support of most of his people. He was then able to start a World War against his neighbours and engage in the deliberate genocides of Jews and those he considered as undesirables.

This brief history tells the general story well, from the end of WWI to Hitler's suicide at the end of WWII but it doesn't have the time to fully analyse how the German people and the rest of the World allowed Hitler to have such power and inflict such damage. Fortunately Hitler's shortcomings as a leader, especially his poorly prepared attack on Russia, and a lack of understanding of the economic and military strength of the US, were the main reason for his eventual demise.

Thanks again to Mark Black for giving me a better knowledge and understanding of major events in fairly recent world history.

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