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10 July 2013

Karen Slaughter: Unseen

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Undercover Extremely Violent Slaughter
"Unseen" exposes the violent underbelly of the US drug and peodafile world when Will Trent from the  Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent goes undercover posing as Bill Black, a scary ex-con. In his most dangerous case yet, Will gets embroiled in extreme violence and nearly gets killed as he closes in on the world of "Big Whitey" a notorious and very violent drug lord.

In doing so Will puts his relationship Sara Linton at risk and highlights the complex law enforcement arrangements in the US. This book is not for the faint hearted and shows a very scary and dangerous part of US society that is totally foreign to someone like me who doesn't live there. The descriptions of violence were unnecessarily detailed.

I haven't read any other full length books in Will Trent series so I got somewhat lost in the background to the relationship between Will and Sarah, and also the bad feelings of both of them towards Lena Adams, a devil-may-care Georgia Detective. The plot vacillated with too many twists and turns to give it a real page-turning impact. After enjoying the short prequel I was disappointed that I didn't really enjoy the full book as much as others have.

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