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31 July 2013

John Gilstrap: High Treason

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The First Lady is missing
Guarding the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Anna Darmond should have been easy for the US Secret Service. But Anna Diamond is never easy as she likes to do what she wants and when she wants - and this time she wants to act like an adolescent and visit a nightclub after midnight in a less desirable part of Washington. Just as she leaves the club a grenade destroys her Secret Service SUV and its occupants and the rest of her security team are gunned down. FLOTUS disappears and her disappearance has not been made public.

During the previous week a Boeing 747 is shot down by a Stinger missile near Chicago. Could the two attacks be connected?

Jonathan Grave, a tough top independent covert operator is summoned by his old friend Irene Rivers, head of the FBI, and the President's Chief of Staff to an urgent private meeting and asked to find FLOTUS. Grave's reaction is "You're not willing to trust the entire the United States government but you're willing to trust me?"

If you like totally escapist covert operations thrillers or have read previous Jonathan Grave books where the action is fast and nothing is as it seems, you will not be disappointed.

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