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18 June 2013

Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg: The Heist

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Use a "Con Man" to catch a "Con Man"
This is an amusing romp of a book starring Kate O'Hare, an ex-Navy SEAL now a tough and successful FBI agent and co-starring charming and handsome Nicholas Fox, the ultimate international con artist who has pulled off some stupendous and very profitable cons throughout the world.

Kate is good at her job but she has an Achilles heel because for the last five years she has been obsessed with  hunting down Nick who is a chameleon and has slipped through Kate's net many times. At last Kate gets Nick when he attempts to steal a rare and extremely valuable red diamond. She is stunned when Nick escapes on his way to jail but is totally shattered when she finds out that the escape has been set up by the FBI to contract Nick for five years to track down other con artists. Sounds sensible doesn't it - for example, how many ex-top hackers are now employed to keep systems secure from hackers.

The bad news for Kate is that the FBI expects her to work with Nick to chase other con artists or face years in the FBI wilderness. Not only does she have to team up with Nick, she has to become a vital part of the team for Nick's first case (or con) to take down an investment banker who has swindled millions of dollars.

This is not your normal FBI thriller. It is light, somewhat frivolous and humorous and would probably make a great movie (a bit like Ocean's Eleven). I enjoyed it because it was an easy and quick page-turner that had me laughing out loud at some of the most ludicrous situations. Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg have combined pretty seamlessly to create an amusing and different new series with some unusual characters, witty dialogue and some romantic undertones.  I am sure that the series will be successful and enjoyed by many people.

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