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04 June 2013

Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg: Pros and Cons: A Short Story

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This is not the "Love Boat"
This is a very short, enjoyable and funny romp of a prequel to a new series about FBI special agent Kate O'Hare who is hunting the ultimate international con artist Nicolas Fox. Kate is obsessed with catching Nick, and he knows that she is on his trail.

Although he is a master of different characters, Nick has one thing that makes him stand out - he uses names of famous people, especially movie and TV characters. When Kate discovers a wedding of a middle-aged, very rich serial divorcee, to a sexy young lady is being arranged by an unknown wedding planner called Merill Stubing she knows that she has found him again. Of course Nick is planning to remove some of the bridegroom's riches, and won't be arranging the honeymoon on a Love Boat cruise.

This is a preview of the battle between Nick and Kate which will be continued in "The Heist" to be released in mid June 2013. This could be an entertaining but not very serious FBI thriller series.

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