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24 November 2012

Christopher Smith: The Bullied Series Box Set

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Bullied part was almost OK but the fantasy was stupid
In my review of Book One I said that the concept of an magic amulet that would help someone to overcome bullying was a great plot opener to a roller coaster ride by Christopher Smith to convert a downtrodden youth into a powerful and vengeful person. I also said that the other novellas in the series appeared to tend to the supernatural and I would pass judgement when I got there.

I decided to read the next novella, "Revenge" in this boxed set, where Seth sets out to revenge the death of his parents in a fire lit deliberately by his school bullies (of both sexes). He takes the advice of Jim, who gave him the amulet, not to kill them but to make sure that they will be punished throughout life for what they did. One of the solutions was ingenious in starting one of them on a life of crime (and jail) from which he could never escape, but another was downright stupid where a girl was made to behave like a pig in the cafeteria and would eat so much that she would gain weight throughout her life to dangerous levels. My tolerance was starting to wear thin at that stage.

Then at the end of "Revenge" the stupidity really started when Seth is attacked by 2 paranormals seeking to steal the amulet, helped by a beautiful and even more dangerous Witch. To protect himself (even though he has only just started to understand the power of the amulet) Seth is able to turn himself into a flying Superman, with an impenetrable shield, and transform his hands into guns and knives that eventually kill the attackers and drives away the Witch. Oh dear, what rubbish.

I did read the start of the next novella but the paranormal tripe got worse. This was too much for me and I couldn't stomach any more stupidity and didn't read any further. It's a long time since I have failed to finish a book.

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