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29 June 2013

Charles Deemer: Stop the Whistleblower (Stories In Overdrive)

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A black and white story
Ray Denning suspects that a new suntan pill being developed by his employer is not safe. Before he can become a whistle-blower someone slips him an overdose of the new drug and he is stunned to wake up in the morning with black skin.

His appearance has changed so much that his wife and friends don't believe that it is him and the rest of society treat him as black. Taxis ignore him in favour of white passengers and cops treat him badly because he is black. The only person who believes him is his housekeeper, and she is black. 

Will the change wear off and when? What can he do to avenge things and keep his job? The situations and the solution are most amusing.

Charles Deemer has been a screenwriter for many years and that style shows through in his novella with short sentences and rapid action. I enjoyed the quick read but had some problems with the writing style and the believability of the plot. I am sure that if my skin colour changed there would be many physical characteristics, including my facial and body shape and my clothes that would make me recognisable to people I know.

I enjoyed the short read (I love a good novella as an interlude from my normal diet of longer and more intense thrillers) and will certainly look forward to reading more of  Deemer's "Stories in Overdrive".

I received a copy of this book with a request for an honest review.

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