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09 June 2013

Allison Leotta: Ten Rules for a Call Girl

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First day on the job for a high-priced call-girl
This very short story with such a provocative title is really a prequel and promo for Discretion. It tells the story of the first day in the life of "Sasha" a high-priced call-girl in Washington DC. While she goes out on her first paying date with her room-mate who has been in the business for some time, it soon becomes clear that she has a special understanding of the needs of her high paying client.

The short story is set in the midst of Washington's power circle and shows that rich members of the Washington elite can do what they want to - because they have the money to demand the best services. All they ask for is discretion, which means confidentiality.

It is always good to find a new author with a new twist on the legal/police procedural genre especially one who knows a lot about the seamy side of power in Washington.  Allison Leotta was a federal prosecutor specializing in sex crimes and domestic violence in Washington, DC so brings brings an extensive personal  background to this story.

Note: If possible try to read this very short story before you read Discretion.

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