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09 June 2013

Allison Leotta: Discretion

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The Seamy Side of Washington Power
One evening a beautiful young woman plunges to her death from a balcony on the US Capital Building. What makes this headline news is that the balcony is part of the private office of Washington DC's powerful and long-serving only representative in Congress and the woman the top call-girl from a high-end escort service that caters to DC’s elite.

African-American Chief Homicide Prosecutor, Jack Bailey, is helped in the  investigation not only by the FBI but also by US Attorney Anna Curtis from the DC's sex crime division. Jack and Anna are top operators, but working together could be difficult as they are in the early days of a mixed-race relationship which is not public knowledge.

The political stakes are high and the investigation is immediately hampered by Constitutional legal impediments to searching the Congressman's office. The ramifications to Washington's elite of public knowledge of the clients of the escort service are just as stunning and everyone who might be interviewed about their knowledge of the girl and the service are soon lawyered up to the hilt.

It is always good to find a new author with a new twist on the legal/police procedural genre especially one who knows a lot about the seamy side of power in Washington.  Allison Leotta was a federal prosecutor specializing in sex crimes and domestic violence in Washington, DC so brings brings extensive personal experience and background to this story. 

Anna Curtis is an interesting character who has featured in an earlier book by Allison Leotta. The last line of the book ensures that we will see her again in Talk of the Devil to be released in August 2013. 

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