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20 May 2013

Sandra Brown: Mirror Image

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Imagine that two young and similar looking lovely women, one with her daughter, board a plane and sit in the same row. The mother, Carole takes the window seat that was meant for the other woman, with the child in the centre seat. The plane crashes and the other woman, Avery, saves the child but the mother is killed and burnt beyond recognition. Sounds reasonable so far?

The surviving woman is badly burnt, can't talk or move because she is totally bandaged except one eye. The husband, Tate, an aspiring US senate candidate, finds a plastic surgeon who tells him he can recreate her burnt and disfigured face back to her normal looks in one operation. Despite an impending breakdown in his marriage he stays near her during her recovery. Does that seem reasonable?

While she is incapacitated Avery is visited by an unknown family member who whispers in her ear that their plans to kill Tate on election day are unaltered. Avery is very scared as she has become attached to Tate during her recovery. Does that seem reasonable?

After she recovers, Avery is immediately accepted by all of the extended family as Carole, Tate's bitchy and promiscuous wife. Tate also accepts her as Carole, despite a huge change in her character and many obvious discrepancies. Despite this his caring time ends when he tells her that the marriage is still over as soon as the election is held. Does that seem reasonable or just plain implausible?

While IMHO the plot was just plain implausible, Sandra Brown's writing skills made a ridiculous plot readable and enjoyable. It was only these skills that kept my star rating at the OK level.

This is one of Brown's early works (1990) that are now being released on Kindle for the first time.

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