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03 May 2013

Nicholas Sparks: The Lucky One

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Just before the invasion of Iraq, when walking through his Marines camp Logan Thibault found a picture of a lovely young girl with a keep safe message on the back. Despite posting it as missing, it was not claimed so he kept it with him during 3 dangerous tours in Iraq.  During that time he survived gun battles and several roadside bomb explosions with only minor injuries. He, and others, started to believe that his survival was due to the picture which was his lucky charm.

After Iraq his best buddy tells him "There is a greater purpose to all of this. It is your destiny (to find her)."  After a bad start Logan sets out with his faithful German Shepherd, Zeus, on a long walk from from Colorado to Hampton, North Carolina where he hopes to find the woman in the picture.

When he gets there he discovers Elizabeth, the woman in his lucky picture who has a great son and a terrible ex-husband.  The pages sparkle with an exciting and different family romance.

Sparks is a consummate storyteller of mainstream romance novels that don't involve the steamy and coming of age  problems of so much contemporary "romance" (sexually based and immature) fiction. I have enjoyed several of Sparks books including this one, but my main worry was that the finish of this one was too fast.

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