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24 May 2013

Karen Slaughter: Busted

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Special Agent Will Trent is on his way to start an undercover assignment in Macon, Georgia, when he stops for a frozen coke at a gas station. He becomes a witness to a violent robbery and shooting of a policeman. Forgetting his undercover status he jumps on his powerful Indian Chief Dark Horse motor cycle and chases the gunman through crowded streets and onto the highway. He stops the gunman taking over another car and a hostage by sliding his bike at the gunman and nearly killing himself as he skids along the highway surface.

All of this action takes place in the first chapter. It takes a very skilled author to set such a pace so quickly. After that we meet Trent's boss Amanda and his partner Faith as together they investigate murder, shootings and robbery in a town, just south of Atlanta, renowned for crooked  officials, including the Chief of Police. They quickly find that it is also the sort of town where crooked family connections abound.

"Busted" is a short novella where Karin Slaughter has been able to spin an exciting and satisfying tale in a relatively few pages. A preview of Slaughter's next book in the very popular Will Trent series "Unseen: A Novel (Will Trent)" is included, where Will eventually starts his undercover assignment. I have already pre-ordered that book which is due to be released at the beginning of July.

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