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26 May 2013

Barry Eisler: Paris Is A Bitch - A Rain/Delilah Short Story

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What do a couple of covert operators, independent part-Japanese John Rain and lovely Mossad honey-trap agent Delilah, do when they want to have a quiet meal at a great restaurant in Paris? Firstly they check around the area for escape routes, case the restaurant for escape routes and the best place to sit to observe what is happening both inside and outside. And last but not least they arrive separately, having made sure that they are not followed. What a great start to a romantic evening.

Despite all precautions by the end of the meal things start to go wrong and the action quickly becomes fast, furious and dangerous - just a normal day in the lives of covert operators.

Barry Eisler has written an exciting, albeit a bit too short, novella that is a great introduction to a couple of his key characters, John Rain and Delilah. I really enjoy the espionage/covert operator genre and somehow I haven't read any of Eisler's books. I am currently reading London Twist: A Delilah Novella which is even more exciting and challenging and look forward to reading more of his books.

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