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25 April 2013

Sandra Brown: Breath of Scandal

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One day teenager Jade Sperry had the world at her feet with a loving relationship and a college scholarship. Then three testosterone loaded thrill seekers changed her life forever. Held down and gang-raped she was left to crawl through the mud to tell her tale.

Jade was never able to tell her tale as her plea for justice was ignored and distorted by the town Sheriff and the Patchetts, the richest and most powerful family, whose offspring were among the culprits. Somehow Jade got the strength to move on but vowed to return some day to revenge her treatment.

Jade fights on and fourteen years on she has graduated and become a successful business executive. Despite her success she has never healed emotionally and still waits for the chance to hit back at her attackers and the Patchetts in the only way that would hurt them - to take away their riches and their power. At last Jade gets that chance when her employer tasks her with overseeing a major construction project in the town.

At the same time fate may be giving her a final chance of love when she hires Dillon Burke to manage the project. Dillon has his own demons to chase before he can get close to Jade - if she will let him.

This was a very emotionally charged book, gut wrenchingly so with so many unbelievable lows but some amazingly uplifting highs. Well done, Sandra, you managed to emotionally flog me! The characters, the plot and the path to revenge were masterfully written. This is the first of Sandra Brown's books that I have read and it won't be the last.

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