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30 April 2013

Mark Black: A very brief history of The Nuremberg Trials

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At the end of WWII in Europe the Allies were faced with a major issue of how to treat the leaders of the Third Reich and its armies who had committed so many atrocities, including planned genocide. The Nuremberg Trials picked out the key surviving leaders and put them on trial for war crimes. This brief history tells the sometimes dramatic tale of how this was done, the charges that were laid, who was charged and the verdicts.

I specifically chose to read this book because I had just finished a fictional account of how Martin Bormann, Hitler's private secretary with direct links to the Holocaust, may have fled from Germany at the end of the war. At Nuremberg Bormann was accused of various war crimes and was sentenced to death in absentia.

I recommend reading as many of these brief histories as possible because each one I have read has added something important to my knowledge a major historical events.

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