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22 April 2013

Leslie Kelly: Coming Home

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"Coming Home" was a surprisingly good read about Nicole and Wyatt who shared a love as teenagers which came to an unexpected end.  Nicole left home ten years ago when her loving relationship with Wyatt imploded. We slowly learn what happened at that time and why Nicole has never gone home since then.

Nicole still kept in touch with her father, who she loves dearly, and as soon as she hears that he has had a serious heart attack she is on the first plane back to Florida. She knows that someone will meet her at the airport but is stunned when it turns out to be Wyatt.

Nicole's father is a veterinarian and she has followed his love of animals by becoming a successful vet as well. Wyatt has inherited his father's horse stud and this is the glue that starts to bring Nicole and Wyatt together again. But the secrets of the past as so strong that they threaten to tear them apart again.

Lesley Kelley has crafted a great couple of characters and woven a tangled web around their relationships. Compared to so many current romances, the steamy parts are only a minor part of the story and are well written and emotionally satisfying.

I read this book as a light interlude from big doses of thrillers and adventures. IMHO a good romance is more difficult to write than a thriller because the plot lines are so much more limited. This was one of the better ones that I have discovered recently and it was a satisfying interlude.

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