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05 April 2013

Kay Bratt: The Bridge

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This is a gem of a short story/novella about Jing, an old lady living in crushing poverty in a city in China. Her home overlooks an old bridge that is considered by locals to bestow eternal luck on any child abandoned there. Jing has taken several such children to the local orphanage.

One day she spots a 5 year old boy on the bridge and is stunned to realise that he is blind. This starts an emotional roller coaster of a relationship between Jing and the boy, Fei Fei, which shows that it is indeed a bridge of luck.

The character development of Jing and Fei Fei are astounding for such a short story. I have read and enjoyed another novella Train to Nowhere by Kay Bratt and look forward to reading some more of her other books set in China.


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