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28 April 2013

Danika Stone: Ctrl Z

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Do you ever wish that you could turn back parts of your life and start again? This is the real message for the two main characters, Jude and Indigo.

Indigo wants to forget a troubled childhood and even more traumatic life on the streets and her contacts with organised crime in the clubs. But unfortunately her past comes back to haunt her when Jude comes into her life. Jude has always used his computer skills, especially his hacking skills, as his lifeline and hopefully a pipeline to success. Through his friends he is seduced by easy money until he realises that his hacking skills have been hired by a ruthless organised crime boss.

Jude and Indigo are an unusual combination but from the start there is some strong sexual chemistry around that they eventually can't resist. The steamy parts are not as overwhelming as many other current books of this genre. Both characters find that their problems have the same origin. They do their best to extricate themselves but whatever they do things seem to get worse not better.

For those who are not computer savvy, Ctrl Z is the PC keyboard combination that undoes the last action - and pressed again can go back and back to where you started. It is strange that the title is not explained anywhere in the book.  In reality it really only applies to Jude as there is no way that Indigo would want to turn back the clock to her early life.

Danika Stone has written an interesting book but the plot was a bit too complex and unbelievable at times. I gave it 3.5 stars and reflected for a time before giving it a 4 star rating.

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