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27 February 2013

Mark Black: D-Day: A Very Brief History

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I am finding that this Very Short History series is extending my knowledge about a number of major historical events. I knew that the plans for the invasion of Normandy on D-Day in 1944 were very secret but I didn't realise that the invasion could have been a monumental disaster if Hitler and his Generals had been fully prepared for a landing at that location. From this Very Brief History I learnt about the vast campaign of misinformation by the Allies about where the invasion would take place, including false Divisions, mock-up tanks and temporary camps, misleading messages from German double agents and decoy invasions. When the invasion happened Hitler still believed that it would take place around Calais because it was nearer to England and had access to good port facilities and the Normandy coast was relatively lightly defended.

While the casualties were large, they could have been monumental if Hitler had been prepared. This Very Short History has filled a big gap in my detailed knowledge about WWII.


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