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14 February 2013

Lesley Pearse: Forgive Me

"Forgive Me" is an emotional and gripping story full of suspense, drama and mystery which is destined to be another best-seller for Lesley Pearse. It is one of her best stories I have read for some time. You will remember Eva Patterson, the strong and gutsy prime character for a long time.

A few days before her 21st birthday Eva returns home to find that her mother Flora has committed suicide leaving a simple note "Forgive me". From that time on Eva will find that everything she believed about herself and her comfortable and secure family life with her loving mother and father is based on a web of lies.

In her mother's will Eva is left an artist's studio in a trendy area of London which Eva didn't know anything about. Her father's cold reaction to Flora's death and her will and his almost immediate rejection of Eva will alter her life forever.

Eva discovers that her mother had been a successful artist before her marriage. Eva finds diaries, paintings and a box of baby clothes and sketches in the attic of the studio that tell her something about her mother's past which prompt her to track down the full story.

This is a fast-paced, page-turning and emotional read as Eva searches for answers about her mother's past and meets people who knew her before she married. The characters from all parts of the spectrum are superbly crafted especially Phil who helps her to renovate her studio and find out the truth about her life.

Lesley Pearse builds her plots like a fast game of snakes and ladders. A fortune teller warns Eva to avoid disturbing the Serpent as it will only bring her pain. In facing the Serpent Lesley Pierce skilfully steers Eva through traumas, violence, and lies which change Eva forever and affect her chance of happiness.

If you are a Lesley Pearse fan you will love another dose of her emotional, easy-reading magic books filled with unforgettable characters. If not, please try this book and I am sure that you will join the ranks of Pearse's many fans. It is easy to see why Lesley Pearse has been a number 1 best-seller in the UK and Australia for many years. So many of the top UK authors are also very popular in the US and it astounds me that her books, published by multi-national Penguin, are not released in the US on Kindle and Amazon is only selling print versions in that market via third party booksellers. Maybe someone can tell me why this is so.

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