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01 February 2013

Judy Nunn: The Wardrobe

This is a wonderful short story encapsulating both the charm of old workers' cottages in Surry Hills in Sydney with a love story that spans the world and time. It takes a skilful author to write good short stories, and Judy Nunn makes the grade.

Nancy, a young struggling journalist, is left some money by her Grandmother and decides to buy her first real estate. She finds a very small cottage in Surry Hills that charms her immediately despite its run-down condition. Some deceased estate furniture, including a oversized wardrobe, are sold with the house. Nancy's discoveries in that wardrobe connect her to the family that used to live there, and old letters stored under the wardrobe will change her life forever.

Many may think that the story is too short - but that really is the charm and the skill of the story. Judy Nunn has also written several really good and successful full-length novels mainly with an Australian background.

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