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19 February 2013

Jack Higgins: Night of the Fox

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This is an old one but a really good one. Jack Higgins can always be relied upon to tell a fast and gripping tale - and this is one of the best of them (IMHO a little better than "The Eagle has Landed").

D-Day is only a few days away when Hugh Kelso, an American officer with vital information about the pending landing in France, is in a boat that is sunk in the English Channel. His rescue raft washes up on the shore of the Isle of German-occupied Jersey. Fortunately he is found by sympathetic locals who hide him and pass a message to the French resistance to send to London.

Eisenhower and the British are stunned as many lives could be lost if Kelso falls into the hands of the Germans. In desperation the British send a senior SS imposter and his mistress to the island to help the locals get Kelso back to England. Things go terribly and amusingly wrong when Rommel visits the island when they are there - but is it really Rommel?

The characters are good, the action fast, and sometimes emotional and impossible - what more do you want?


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