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30 January 2013

Melissa F Miller: Indispensable Party (Sasha McCandless #4)

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Melissa Miller is one of the better Indie authors who has written several page turning and entertaining Sasha McCandless legal thrillers that have many followers. This book will appeal to those who like legal thrillers that are mixed with a lot of action.

The good thing about this book is that Sasha is once again back with Leo Connelly, who featured in most prior books. We find Leo has left service as a government agent and is now working as Security Manager with a mega pharmaceutical firm. One weekend Sasha and Leo are spending some quality time together out-of-town when Leo gets called back to his office to check out potential commercial espionage. The espionage revolves around the theft of a vaccine his firm is producing to counter an extremely contagious deadly flu virus. Sasha is hired to take legal action against a major pharmaceutical competitor who may be involved in the theft.

Once again Sasha and Leo are inadvertently thrown into a roller coaster of an adventure involving a deadly virus, vaccine theft, and an amazing cult of "Preppers" (survivalists preparing for catastrophe because the think that government will collapse). They also have to do battle with the legal system, the CIA and Homeland Security in a chase to avoid the release of the deadly virus.

Overall this is a well written legal action thriller (though there isn't much legal stuff this time) with a complex plot which will keep you hooked to the very end. My only concern was some of the plot was a bit too outlandish and unbelievable for my taste.


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