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20 January 2013

Dana Stabenow: Nooses Give (A Kate Shugak Short Story)

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This short story is almost a prequel to the start of the first class Kate Shugak series and gave me a better introduction to Kate's return to her homeland in the Alaskan bush. The "Damp Act" has just been passed by Shugak's tribe to try and prevent alcoholism in their area. Tragically 3 younger members of the tribe are found dead after a liquor-charged shooting tragedy and Shugak suspects it has been fired up by bootleggers who fly liquor into the area at great profit.

While it is a pretty short story Dana Stabenow shows her skills in writing a complete and satisfying story in only a few pages. I am always on the lookout for a good short read between longer stories and will certainly be reading more of Stabenow's 99 cent short stories.

Warning: 30% of the book is an extract from the early chapters of another book in the Shugak series.

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