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02 January 2013

Anthony J Franze: The Last Justice

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Thriller writers must be given novelist's licence to tell a tale - but this one has gone so far that it is unbelievable. I always make a reality check before writing a review and this check failed in so many ways. A reality check is important, especially when a book is set around the operation of parts of the US political system that are so well known, even to someone like me who lives outside the US.

I read this Indie book because the plot sounded interesting and it was awash with 5 star ratings. I wonder now if I was reading the same book or if the majority of readers are happy to accept such unbelievable rubbish.

The book started dramatically with a gunman assassinating 5 Supreme Court Justices using a gun already taped under a seat in the courtroom. He missed the Chief Justice who shot back because he was packing a pistol (the ARA would have been very proud of him) but he was killed by security guards because they thought he was part of the attack. The killer got away in the crowd fleeing the gunfire. I should have started my reality check there and then but kept reading.

The story that followed included contract murder, blackmail, bribery, adultery, hidden cameras, hot iron branding and more against the setting of "the United States Supreme Court, the greatest court in the world, in the greatest country of the world" (a direct quote).

IMHO the only part of the book that met my reality check was that six months after the assassinations the US President and the US political system had not yet come to an agreement on the nomination of 6 judges to replace those who were killed.

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