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14 December 2012

Stephen Cody: Soulless

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Well written but unbelievable
I read this book because I enjoyed "Lying in State". In contrast, while I found no problems with the writing and editing (which must have been fixed after poor reviews) I found the plot unbelievable and, to be honest, pretty stupid.

I should have been warned in Chapter One set in 2032 at an installation in the US providing organic oil to the Defence Department because oil supplies had dried up around the World. Saudi Arabia had reverted to a desert kingdom without oil and the riches of other major oil producers had disappeared. With the vast oil resources of the Middle East and more oil discovered offshore as prices increase the likelihood of this scenario in only a few years is ludicrous.

The plot then becomes even more ludicrous with government sponsored cloning, and a Catholic Saint and religious extremists coming together for an unbelievable climax at New Year's Eve, purportedly the end of the world. Steven Cody showed promise with "Lying in State" but hasn't kept this promise with this book.

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