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26 December 2012

Russell Blake: Angel with Fur

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A tear jerker by a thriller writer
Russell Blake writes over-the-top adventure thrillers and it was surprising to read a totally different book about his personal adventures with the life of his dog Lobo and his extreme love for this unusual mutt.

All of us who have owned a dog will associate with some of Lobo's idiosyncrasies. Lobo was different because he always did things at the extreme level especially in his truly destructive days. I was puzzled how Russell still loved a dog that could cause such mayhem at the drop of a hat.

Any of us who have nursed a dog through illness will identify with Lobo's tenacious  fight for his life. His long term survival against extreme odds was miraculous.

All of us who have outlived our animals will identify with the grief when we lose them. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs buried in our back garden and we still think of them every day and thank them for the friendship, love and loyalty they gave to us. I am sure that Russell would say that Lobo was a star compared to our animals.

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