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15 December 2012

Nelson DeMille: The Book Case

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A morning with John Corey NYPD
You need to be a skilled author to write a good Novella or Kindle single. With "Book Case" DeMille has shown his skills in writing a short detective novella that comfortably completes an accident/murder investigation in less than 50 pages.

We meet John Corey again in his days in NYPD when he is called from his breakfast coffee to investigate whether the death of a bookseller when a bookcase falls on top of him is accidental or murder. During the investigation Corey still has time for some of the dark wisecracking humour of his latter life (especially recently in The Panther):

* "The New York Times would say ...'Killed by the books he loved".
* "Can your driver get me a ham and egg on a roll?" "Sure, do you want a Lipitor with that?"
* "My wife thought that cooking and ....ing were two cities in China."

I found this short book very satisfying because DeMille didn't rush things but seemed to cover every base and John Corey wrapped up everything before lunchtime.

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