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30 December 2012

Michael Robotham: Shatter

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You will jump when I tell you to!
Michael Robotham is IMHO the UK's best author of psychological criminal thrillers - and this is one of his best if not his most bizarre story.

Professor Joe O'Loughlin, a local University clinical psychologist is called to help Bristol police with a potential jumper from the Clifton Suspension Bridge (a suicides' magnet). What is unusual is that the jumper is a naked female, in high heels, talking intensively to someone on her mobile phone making her immune from outside contact. The person on the line is a a psychopath who knows how to bend minds by frightening them so much that he can control what they will do.

This first disastrous encounter foreshadows future similar incidents that will challenge Joes' ability to cope, both professionally and personally. Joe is also battling Parkinson's Disease which could impair his ability to cope with and prevent these challenging psychological situations.

Robotham piles on the suspense with great writing and characters. I will certainly be following more of his books, just as I am following the UK's best police procedural writer, Peter Robinson, with his DCI Banks' series.

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