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30 December 2012

Michael Connelly: The Drop

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Bosch never "Drops" the ball
Once again Michael Connelly has shown that he is a consummate author of LA police procedurals and that Harry Bosch is still at the top of his form.

After a short retirement from the LAPD, Harry Bosch is back to top form as a skilled, and very clever detective. He is still a very independent operator who frequently has problems with the police politics of some of his superiors.

After a short retirement, Harry is now back working under a Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP - Title 1) which gives him just over 3 years until he is forced to retire permanently. He is keen to clear as many cases as possible before the drawbridge is raised. Bosch is now working in the Open-Unsolved Unit and is given a case over 20 years old about the sexual assault and murder of a child where an apparently botched DNA match has been made that links the murder to a convicted rapist who was only 8 years old at the time.

Before he can really get going on this puzzling case, his superiors ask him to take on a current and potentially politically sensitive case where the son of councilman Irving has fallen to his death from a balcony of a tall hotel (Drop Title 2) and suicide is suspected. What is really bizarre is that Irving, who was once Harry's boss and extremely bitter opponent, has asked specifically for Harry to take the case personally because he claims that Harry has the skills and integrity to find out what really happened.

Apart from the clever title, Michael Connelly shows that he can keep the Bosch storyline fresh and exciting and tells us that he plans to do so until Bosch retires. I am sure that even when that happens we will not see Bosch riding into the sunset to a happy and uneventful retirement.

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