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12 December 2012

Mark Giminez: The Common Lawyer

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Another Great Gimenez
I am a fan of Mark Gimenez because he writes something different and meaningful every time. The only things that stay the same are his loving portrayals of Texas, warts and all, and in this book his love of Austen, especially the cosmopolitan SoCo district, shines through brightly.

Andy Prescott is an under-achieving C grade lawyer who puts his lifestyle ahead of a high powered career. He is an adrenalin junkie with a taste for the thrills of high speed mountain biking. His law business is in a shoebox office above a tattoo parlour in SoCo and he barely survives by helping people to skip out on speeding tickets.

The theme of this book is really "Money makes good men do bad things." Out of the blue, Andy is approached by a local billionaire, Russell Reeves, who wants his help to get the SoCo locals to support his redevelopment of run-down buildings into much needed low rent homes. Andy gets caught up in the thrill of earning more money than he has ever had in his life by the time Russell tells him the real reason - he wants Andy to go to any length to find people who might help save his son who is dying of a rare form of cancer.

As things unfold, Andy finds himself caught in a legal and ethical dilemma - should he help a loving father who is prepared to do anything to help his son survive, and has the money to make this happen. When discussing his dilemma with his father (who is dying of Cirrhosis of the liver) his father tells him "Life isn't fair. Sometimes that works for you and against someone else and against you. But life is always unfair to someone."

The gripping part of this book is how Andy faces up to this dilemma, and decide what he can do to make things right. This is a thoughtful, exciting and well written  book and well worth reading.

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