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28 December 2012

Lexi Revellian: Replica

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Enjoyable double trouble
I was surprised how enjoyable I found this unusual science fiction/MI5 adventure. It defied the genres and the plot kept me on edge to the very end.

The science fiction part is pretty straightforward if not a bit unusual. A research laboratory attached to MI5 is working on replicating animals and humans where the replica is under the command of the original - a really great idea because you can send a replica soldier into battle and the original is never killed. An absent minded Professor has successfully tested this kind of replication on animals and believes he is ready for a human test. Being impatient he asks his Secretary, Beth, to be the first human experiment. Things go wrong when the Beth's replica is a complete independent replica/clone (same genes, same fingerprints and same memories), who is not under the control of the original. When MI5 find this out they want to terminate the replica but Beth 2 realises this and goes on the run.

The story is cleverly written as it moves from Beth 1 (the original, written in the third person) to Beth 2 (the replica, written in the first person). While they remain identical, Beth 2's character develops differently because she has to endure great hardship and becomes extremely self-sufficient to survive. Beth 1 is protected by the security service and unbelievably starts a relationship with her MI5 protector.

These are great ingredients for an enjoyable, if somewhat unbelievable romp of a story. Well done Lexi Revellian, I will certainly read more of your books.

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