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25 December 2012

Jessica Sorensen: The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden

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An improbable coincidence
I think the best thing about this book is the title - the coincidence that Callie saw Kayden being physically abused by his father and the slow coincidence of 2 abused young people who get together as they realise that they have common bonds because they have both been abused.

The word improbable is used in my review title because it is improbable to me that Kayden, who despite his history of physical abuse is an American Football hunk who would able to attract almost any attractive girl he meets, can become attracted to Callie, a withdrawn and timid mouse who really isn't that attractive even when she slowly comes out of her shell. The other improbable factor is that the withdrawn Callie can only share her secrets and get support from Seth because she knows that he is gay.

I finished the book because so many enthusiastic reviews said it was great, so I had some hope that it would get better as the principals got closer to one another. Unfortunately this didn't happen for me. The action became even more improbable at the conclusion, which wasn't a conclusion because this is only #1 of the Callie and Kayden saga.

The book is fairly well written and definitely targeted at an young adult audience and only has slightly steamy relationships. I read it as light relief after some pretty heavy thrillers but, probably because I am much older than the target audience I would only give it 2.5 stars. Because I know that I am looking at it with different eyes to most readers I have given it an OK (3 stars).

Others may have liked it more because it was so popular that the book is no longer self-published and the link goes to another edition now published by Hatchette.

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