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31 December 2012

Jennifer Baccia: Whisper Her Name

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Shout Her Name
Jennifer Bacia's books written in Sydney Sheldon style have so many twists in the plot to keep you turning the pages until the end. Every book features strong women with their own special histories and secrets that unravel unexpectedly and explosively and page by page.

Noella de Bartez is the high spirited and passionate younger daughter of a President of a Central American country.  Her father is so committed to improving his country and fighting corruption that he ignores his  younger daughter. After a personal tragedy she is forced into a loveless marriage and to gain her freedom Noella moves across the world from success to despair. She never loses her love of her father and her country and returns as a mature woman with a secret personal history to try to complete the job her father started a long time ago.

I highly recommend Jennifer Bacia's books if you want an easy, enjoyable and page turning read.

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