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08 December 2012

J M Madden: A Needful Heart

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Surprisingly successful sorbet
I read this kind of book as a sorbet between courses of pretty heavy thrillers. Normally the sorbet melts away quickly with poor quality plots and writing. This was a real surprise as the sorbet stayed fresh to the very end.

This is a caring book about Gina who comes from a loving family but has yet to find her soul-mate, and Matt, a powerful and somewhat frightening but basically shy man whose childhood was marked by abuse. Matt believes that any relationship will finish up like those he experienced when he was growing up.

Matt has admired Gina for years as she is a nurse at the hospital where he regularly takes an old friend for treatment.  He is too shy and lacking in personal confidence to approach her, but when they accidentally collide and Matt helps Gina when she is injured, a slow and tender relationship begins between people from different worlds.

There are steamy scenes but they are caring and loving. The scenes when Gina looks after the young boy next door who is suffering from the same kind of abuse that Matt experienced are well written and very apt.

Now the sorbet is finished I am off to another thriller, refreshed by a well written and sensitive sorbet.

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