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30 December 2012

Daniel Silva: Portrait of a Spy

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The Accidental Assassin
I have read all of Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series and this is one of the best. What makes Gabriel Allon such an interesting character is that he is both a cold-blooded Mossad assassin and also a very sensitive and skilful art restorer. At the start of this book Gabriel is formally retired from his Mossad career and living quietly and happily with his wife Chiara in a small fishing village in Cornwall in the UK working as an art restorer.

One day he visits London with his wife Chiara (also ex-Mossad) to arrange his next art restoration. After discussing the restoration, Gabriel and Chiara are taking a quiet stroll through Convent Garden when Gabriel's instincts spot the tell-tale signs of a potential suicide bomber.  Only days before suicide bombers had cut deadly swathes through crowds in Paris and Copenhagen.

Gabriel's almost accidental actions on that day propel him back into his old clandestine world, tracking the source of the suicide missions with the help of his old team from Mossad and his "friends" in intelligence agencies throughout the world, especially the USA and the UK.

Silva weaves yet another skilful, page-turning and exciting adventure before Allon can start to consider working on his latest art restoration. The problem with rating this review is because so many of the characters and situations in each book in the series are similar so it is hard to give it a full 5 star rating.

Nevertheless I look forward to and know that I will enjoy every new book in this series. With the world as it is, Danel Silva will never be lacking a source for another Gabriel Allon adventure.

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