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31 December 2012

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Great ride on the Baldacci Camel
This is the third and arguably the best of the David Baldacci's highly imaginative and successful Camel Club series. To understand the series you should know a bit about the bizarre collection of members of the Camel Club:

* Oliver Stone - an alias for a retired clandestine CIA operative who maintains a church cemetery in Washington and lives in the caretaker's cottage in the cemetery grounds.

* Rheuben Rhodes - a former DIA worker and marksman who now works unloading trucks.

* Caleb Shaw -  a twin PhD who works in the rare book Wing of the Library of Congress and has a penchant for wearing 19th Century fashion.

* Milton Farb - an obsessive-compulsive prodigy with an eidetic memory who can remember cards and numbers and can win extremely large amounts of money at Casinos.

* Alex Ford - (occasional member) a Secret Service agent who is a member of the President's security squad.

*Annabelle Conroy - (new member) a compulsive thief who runs scams on people and Casinos to steal large amounts of money.
In this adventure Annabelle has conned vicious Casino king Jerry Bagger out of millions. Stone and his colleagues Reuben, Milton, and Caleb marshal all their resources to protect Annabelle.

At the same time someone is slowly killing members of Stone's old clandestine squad one by one and is zeroing on Stone, who has to revert to his old trade to save his life and some of his old colleagues.

As usual Baldacci weaves a devious tale of how this mostly amateur group deal with a range of dangerous happenings, revenge, conspiracy and murder which are the core of all of the great Camel Club series.

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