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10 December 2012

Russell Blake: Jet #4 Reckoning

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Does this Jet need 4 or more engines?
Russell Blake runs one of the most productive and imaginative escapist thriller-factories on the planet. "Reckoning" is #4 in the successful Jet series about a kick-ass over-the-top former Mossad female assassin who is fighting to live a normal life with her daughter, Hannah.

Following the end of "Vengeance" (#3) Jet returns to Uruguay hoping to be peacefully re-united with Hannah. Alan (Hannah's Uncle and a Mossad trained operator) plans to join them separately and takes a ferry takes from Argentina to Uruguay.  He miraculously escapes when the ferry is destroyed by a fertiliser bomb stowed in an on-board truck. Was he the target of the bomb which killed more than 300 people? When he nears the Condo where Hannah lives he quickly spots that it is under surveillance and Jet and Hannah are no longer safe.

This book has all the normal Jet features - having to leave her daughter Hannah at a "safe" place while she tracks down and eliminates dangerous, unscrupulous and powerful people who threaten her peaceful retirement.

At the end of each of the previous books there was a chance that Jet had achieved her objectives - but her dangers never seem to be over. It is clear at the end of the book that there is at least one more book to come in the Jet series.

You may judge from the title of my review that my personal feeling is that there may now be enough books in the Jet series. The plot and action of "Reckoning" matched that of the previous Jet books, but IMHO the series may be running out of steam for me because the action is getting a bit repetitious, and also because Blake had to recycle some goodies and baddies to keep the plot moving.

I am sure that most of Blake's followers will love this new serving of Jet's adventures.  With my reservations I would personally give the book a 3.5 star rating, but having regard to the audience who will read this review I have rated it at 4 stars.

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