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07 December 2012

Bernard Cornwell: Honour, Regiment, Siege Bundle

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A great Richard Sharpe bundle
This was my first experience of Bernard Cornwell's prolific series about the adventures of Richard Sharpe, an English soldier and military adventurer in the wars at the early years of the 19th Century - and I loved every minute of his adventures.

Sharpe is not your standard military hero and his adventures are addictive.  He joined up in the ranks and became an officer through sheer military brilliance and leadership. Sharpe isn't rich and mostly sleeps in the open with his men and leads by example not authority. With some exceptions he is intolerant of his other officers who come from rich aristocratic backgrounds. He is also a consummate lady's man.

While Cornwell must have taken some historical licence, his descriptions of military life are an insight into armies at that time and their followers, including the women, and how military campaigns were fought. Cornwell gives us great insights into the hardships of battle at that time, especially hand-to-hand fighting.

Unfortunately with this book bundle I have started the series at Book 16 in the series so I don't know Sharpe's early history. I plan to slowly read through the series over the next year or so and follow Sharpe's adventures from the years from the beginning. I am fortunate to be able to take advantage of the several 3 book economy bundles available in Australia and the UK which are not released in the US.

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