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14 December 2012

Arthur Conan Doyle: The Complete Sherlock Holmes

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The original master of the detective novel
Any serious Kindler who reads detective novels should have a copy of the classic works of one of the originators and master of the genre in their library - especially as it is currently free. If a collection of such classic out-of-copyright books is available free in the US it should also be available free in other countries.

In my original review (now edited and almost completely changed) I used the catchphrase: "Elementary, my dear Watson" and was surprised that I got some down-votes. Nobody helped me by commenting that this phrase was never actually uttered by Holmes in any of Conan Doyle's books. I think we owe our familiarity with the phrase to Edith Meiser's scripts for "The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" radio series, broadcast from 1939 to 1947.

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