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02 December 2012

Andrew Peterson: First to Kill

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A turbo-charged thriller
Congratulations Andrew Peterson, this is a fast moving page-turning thriller with a heap of great action to keep your attention to the very last page.

We meet Nathan McBride, an ex CIA covert ops type with special forces and sniper background who has parted company after a near-death kidnapping and torture in Nicaragua. He has all the skills to make him a super hero to follow through from adventure to adventure. Even more interesting is the fact that Natham's estranged father is a Senator and Chairman of an important Senate Committee on security.

Natham and his partner Harvey now operate a high powered prosperous security company which will take on any dangerous task offered to them. They are surprised when the retired chief of the FBI asks them to find out what has happened to his son who has disappeared after being undercover for the FBI with a red-neck group thought to have imported a vast amount of Semtex explosive into the US. What is even more surprising is that they are asked to support an FBI attack on the group's headquarters without the SWAT team being aware of their existence.

When the action gets serious the relationship between the FBI and Natham and Harvey is interesting, especially because they are prepared to do violent things that the FBI cannot be associated with. At the start this is a real problem, especially between the attractive female FBI team leader and Natham.

I nearly gave it 5 stars, but dropped the rating because some of the plot was a bit over the top and unbelievable. Despite this, it was great to find another Indie author of CIA/FBI/politico thrillers who can write an exciting page-turner thriller. I will certainly read the Andrew Peterson's other books in the Natham McBride series.

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