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18 December 2012

Abbi Glines: Fallen too far

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Disappointing after a good start
The book started pretty well with Blaire going back to her estranged Father's home because she had nowhere else to go after losing her Mother to cancer and selling her home to pay medical bills. When she gets there her father is away and her step-brother Rush (not a blood relative) is in the middle of an orgy of a party but offers her temporary shelter in miniscule servant's quarters until she can get a place of her own.

Blaire is a mature, very attractive but virginal 19 year old who is able to easily get and hold down a demanding job and start to save for her independence. Rush, is a sex addicted, tattooed, body-pierced and very rich playboy. Amazingly Blaire is immediately attracted to him and just as amazingly Rush becomes addicted to Blaire and for the first time in his life starts to care about someone other than himself (although is is almost incapable of telling her). Rush has family secrets that affect Blaire but doesn't have the guts to tell her about them.

It all sounds a bit stupid doesn't it - but that's how the plot turns out. I don't understand why in these kind of stories the guy always needs to a bad boy (especially the tatoos and the body piercing) and the girl gets attracted by that. There are a lot of side characters, both goodies and baddies, who are mostly unforgettable or unbelievable, to make the story a bit more interesting than just a build up to a steamy relationship.

The ending is quick and the dark secrets verge on the ridiculous and are almost impossible to comprehend. It also has a sting in the tail/tale as there is more of the story to come. After the book seemed started so well and the writing was pretty good I kept on reading but I put it down at the end and said "Oh dear!!" and yawned.

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