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19 November 2012

Vince Flynn: The Last Man

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The Real Rapp Returns
After the prequel "American Assassin" it was great to see the return of the more mature and experienced Mitch Rapp we have followed in so many books, especially the Rapp who can face up to enemies of all kinds, both in the field and the bureaucracy.

Vince Flynn has written a clever book set in the current international environment, from DC to Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is very realistic without making you think about the current players in the field. This time Irene Kennedy, Flynn's head of the CIA features heavily as the experienced, influential and almost unflappable professional head of the CIA. I hardly had a thought about the recent real incumbent who didn't understand that his private life affected his public responsibilities.

I loved the parts where Rapp doesn't tolerate fools, especially when things are going wrong. "... the answer to your question...I think you are an imbecile. There could be some underlying physchological issues as well....beyond that I'm pretty sure you're stupid." "Let me explain how this works. We're the folks you call in when the shit hits the fan."

I really loved the character of a 4 foot 11 inch female behemoth - USAF "Command Master Sargent" Sanchez - who ran the intensive care ward of a military hospital in Afghanistan where Rapp was recovering from one of his usual close encounters with violence. Sanchez was able, single-handedly and without any weapons, to protect Rapp from an invasion of a troop of FBI agents. With such a CV I hope she has a future on Irene's administrative staff....Rapp and Sanchez would make a mean combination!

The plot is fast moving and mostly believable and this time some goodies become baddies and baddies become goodies. Flynn also leaves us with a couple of violent characters that I am sure will re-emerge in later books. I scored the book at 4.5 stars because of a few inconsistencies in the plot.

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