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11 November 2012

Stephen Coonts: The Minataur

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Jake Grafton recovers to fight another day
Stephen Coonts is one my favourite author list and when I got my first Kindle I  quickly found that this was the only book in the Jake Grafton series that I had missed.

This is a direct follow-up from the end of "Final Flight" where fighter pilot Captain Jake Grafton deliberately rammed another plane to prevent nuclear Armageddon.  After many months Grafton has recovered from his terrible wounds but is still facing up to his mental wounds. His wife Callie despairs that she will ever see the old confident Jake back again.

One day Jake is invited by the Pentagon to take an office job - something of an anathema when he really wants to go back into action. But he soon finds that his new super-top secret job of evaluating advanced stealth fighters and combating espionage is as challenging as being in action.

Grafton's navigator, Toad Tarrington, was not as seriously injured (only one rod in his leg) and is fit for active service. When he hears that Grafton is headed for the Pentagon he decides to follow him and join Grafton's team. There he meets his match with Rita Moravia, a top-gun female pilot who quickly decides that Toad will become the love of her life, and Toad quickly agrees. Toad and Rita feature in several later Jack Grafton books.

A lot of this book focuses on aeroplanes and flying and is very militarily detailed so it may not be everyone's cup of tea. But it does provide an interesting bridge between Grafton the pilot and Grafton the Admiral and intelligence operative in later books.

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